Pittsburgh Marathon

May 03,2024 12:00 AM to May 05,2024 12:00 AM


Passavant Hospital Foundation is excited to introduce our 2024 Pittsburgh Marathon Fundraising Team! 

Help support our runners reach their fundraising goal of $6,000 to benefit Passavant Hospital Foundation's Cancer Care Fund! 

Passavant Hospital Foundation's Cancer Care Fund launched in 2014 to support financially struggling oncology patients pay for basic needs, such as shelter, food or transportation. In 2023, the Cancer Care Fund was able to support 78 patients totaling over $23,000 in support. From 2014 through 2023, the Cancer Care Fund has helped 275 patients with expenses totaling more than $92,000.

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Learn About Each One of Runners!

Michael Bauer is a Pharmacy Technician in the UPMC Passavant Pharmacy. Michael will be running his third Pittsburgh Half Marathon this year. Michael has been a part of the Foundation’s Marathon team for two years and sits on the Passavant Hospital Foundation Run/Walk Committee as well. His favorite place to run/train is around the North Park Lake. Michael is UPMC Passavant and tries to get anyone he comes across to participate in the Foundation’s Run/Walk in August. When Michael is not working you will find him in school or trying to learn new hobbies. If Michael could run anywhere in the world he would love to run in Dublin, Ireland to see all the beautiful sights!

Christen Cawley is a Physician Assistant in the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Radiation Oncology Department at UPMC Passavant. She will be completing the Half Marathon this year, which will be the first race she has completed since she moved back to Pittsburgh after 9 years of living in Orlando with her husband and two daughters. Christen has completed the Disney Princess Half Marathon and other various 5K’s and 10K’s. Feeling accomplished at the end of a race is her number one motivation when she is training. Her favorite place to run is in North Park. When she is not running, she loves to do anything outdoors and visit local breweries. If she could run anywhere in the world, she would run in Ireland along the green rolling hills to take in the beautiful scenery. Christen chose to be a part of the Passavant Hospital Foundation’s team and to support the Cancer Care Fund because she has seen firsthand how the Foundation has impacted the lives of patients and families. Christen shares the advice to a new runner is: “don’t let the bad days/runs make you quit. Not every day is perfect but keep moving and you will reach your goal.”

Lindsey Edgar is a Laboratory Supervisor at UPMC Passavant. Lindsey, will be completing the 5K and the Half Marathon for her second year running the Pittsburgh Marathon. She has completed a various amount of races from 5Ks to 8 Miles and the Cleveland Half- Marathon. The motivation of improving each run and earning badges on her running apps is what keeps her going. You will find Lindsey running at either North Park or around Emsworth/Bellevue. When she is not working out Lindsey loves to travel. She would love to run through Osaka Waterfront along the Kizu River or running in a city where she can find a delicious sushi spot post-run. Lindsey has been to 12 European Countries over the last 8 years and got engaged in Croatia. Lindsey is running for the Passavant Hospital Foundation team to help support the mission by advancing healthcare in the community to help eliminate the strain on those experiencing hardships during a difficult time. “Don’t be hard on yourself, some days are tough, but you will improve as you go on” is what she would share with a new runner.

Dr. Mark A. Fye, is an Orthopedic Specialists Spine Surgeon with UPMC. This will be Dr. Fye’s first major race, comping the front half marathon. Dr. Fye has completed various races such as the Spring Thaw North Park Race, Rachel Carson Challenge, UPMC Foundation races and Triathlon Sprint at North Park. One of his motivations for training is to be the best he can be for the health and longevity. His favorite place to run is at the Trail in North Park.  Some of his hobbies include golfing, scuba diving, hiking paddle tennis, snow skiing and triathlon. Dr. Fye shared that he got a Hole in One while golfing in Scottsdale and he just started running last year. Dr. Fye is running for Passavant Hospital Foundation because he believes in the mission of supporting our patients, their families, UPMC Passavant staff and the community we serve by advancing the health and wellness through education, outreach, and grant-making. A piece of advice he shared is to be patient as you begin to train and that you are capable of more than you think.

Kathryn Hester, a Patient Service Coordinator with the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center at UPMC Passavant is running the Virtual 5K by Hiking this year. This will be her first Pittsburgh Marathon event. Kathryn has completed the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge in the past. Her favorite places to run are where there are trees and mountains. Some of her hobbies when she is not running is hiking, backpacking, kayaking and riding horses. She wants to hike anywhere in the Rocky Mountains, Ptarmigan Tunnel or the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park. Kathryn chose to run for Passavant Hospital Foundation for the amount of good they do for UPMC Passavant Patients.

Kelley McCully is the Human Resources Consultant at UPMC Passavant. This will be Kelley’s first time running the Pittsburgh Marathon and she will be completing the 5K Race. However, Kelley is not new to 5K races as she has completed many others within our area.  Her favorite places to train/run is on a track and when it is sunny and warm. If she could run anywhere in the world, she would run in Disney World or on a beach. Some of her favorite hobbies are running, reading, gardening and walking her dogs. Kelley has also had the opportunity to feed and swim with stingrays. Some of her advice to a new running is to remember that the first step is always the hardest!

Katelynn McCall is a Physical Therapist in the Inpatient Rehab Unit at UPMC Passavant.  Katelynn has been running for 14 years and this will be her 3rd year participating in the Pittsburgh Marathon completing the half marathon. She has completed the Presque Isle Half Marathon, Columbus Marathon, Youngstown Half Marathon, Youngstown Peace Race and the Penguins 6.6K Race. Her motivation is the gratitude for what her body allows her to do. She has had several injuries in the past 5 years and is finally healthy enough to train hard again. Her favorite place to train and run is at North Park or in Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio. Katelynn loves to run, hike, bike and read. Katelynn ran a Boston Marathon qualifying time at her first marathon in Columbus last year.  If she could run anywhere in the world, she would run at Banff National Bank. She is running for the Passavant Hospital Foundation team to give back as the Foundation has been a resource for her patients when they need equipment or services at home. The Foundation has provided the inpatient rehab unit with generous grants to purchase the highest quality of equipment for her department.

Zach Perpetua is an Advanced Clinical Education Specialist at UPMC Passavant. This will be Zach’s sixth time running the Full Marathon at the Pittsburgh Marathon. He has run the full and half marathons in Philly, half marathons in Washington DC and Chicago. He regularly runs the Great Race and EQT 10 Miler. His favorite motivation is crossing the finish line after 26.2 miles! His favorite place to run is the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Zach’s advice to anyone new is to be patient with your training and have confidence. An interesting fact about Zach is, he has been out of high school 15 years BUT only has about 3.5 years of not being a student! Zach chooses to run for the Foundation to help give back to the Foundation for all the ways they give to the hospital and community.

Emily Shimko, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences at La Roche University. A marathon in Hawaii is high on Emily’s wish list of where she could run. However, for the 2023 Pittsburgh Marathon she will be completing the Half Marathon. She has been running in the Pittsburgh Marathon since 2009. Not only has she participated in the Pittsburgh Marathon, but she has also completed the Disney World Marathon and Half Marathon, Kentucky Derby Marathon, Cleveland Marathon Rock and Roll Nashville Half Marathon and more! Her motivation for running is COFFEE. Every Friday, she meets friends at 5AM in the Strip District and are the first customers a La Prima when they open. Her favorite place to run/train is Downtown Pittsburgh. Some advice she gives to anyone starting out is to start out slow and then you will progress. Try to go a little further each time and don’t forget to hydrate, eat, rest and strength train. Emily is part of the Foundation and sits on many committees and is the Chair of the Foundation’s Run/Walk Committee. She chooses to run for the Foundation Marathon Team for all the support the Foundation gives to the community, especially La Roche University. When Emily is not running, she is staying active through yoga and hiking and escaping on vacation for better weather.

Megan Tomaino is a Physician Assistant with the UPMC Passavant Department of Anesthesia and Center for Perioperative Care. Megan will be completing the Relay with Shannon Wishart (another member of the Foundation team). Megan has been running for 26+ years and has completed other marathons and half marathons. Some of her hobbies are spending time with her two daughters and husband biking, swimming, hiking, walking, and playing sports every day of the week. When she is not with her family she is working out with close friends. Megan is jack of all trades and an interesting fact about her is that she has been completely deaf in her left ear since birth. Megans advice to someone running for the first time is to build a base, slow and steady and cross training can be healthy and helpful. If she could run anywhere in the world she would love to run where it is cold such as, Alaska, Northern California, Oregon, Montana, Vermont and Main.

Allyssa Tome is a Physical Therapist at UPMC Passavant in the Inpatient Rehab Unit. This will be Allyssa’s second time running the Pittsburgh Marathon completing the Half. She has completed the Vancouver Half Marathon in British Columbia, The Great Race and Cherry Blossum 10 Miler in Washington DC. Her motivation is her 73-year-old uncle who runes marathons and remembering to celebrate the fact that she has a healthy body and can run. You will find Allyssa running/training at North Park, Montour Trail and the Panhandle Trail. The Foundation has helped cover some expenses of her patients who are in UPMC Passavant Inpatient Rehab Unit, and she wants to give back to the Foundation to continuing aiding her patients who need it. Allyssa loves to play tennis, walk her dog, trying new cultural foods, reading, snowboard and traveling. Her goal is to one day run the marathon in Greece. An interesting fact about Allyssa is that she is ambidextrous, and she does not like chocolate. Her advice to anyone new starting to run is to train slow and your pace will gradually increase. Run with a friend and time will go by fast!

Kelly Walburn is the Talent Acquisition Assistant in the Human Resources Department at UPMC Passavant. Kelly has been participating in the Pittsburgh Marathon for 13 years and will be completing the half marathon this year. She has run over 200 races from one miler to Disney’s 48.6-mile Dopey Challenge. Her motivation is People! Running is a social activity for her, and she is fortunate to be a part of a fantastic local running club. Her favorite place to run is in the city, over bridges, and neighborhoods. Her advice to a new runner is to celebrate your wins, especially the small ones! Before Kelly started in the HR world, she worked in the running industry and is a RRCA Level 2 Certified Running Coach. She would love to run the NYC Marathon in her younger brother’s honor someday so she can cross the Queensboro Bridge in New York City. Kelly chose to run for the Foundation to be a great team player and support the Foundation!  

Shannon Wishart is a Unit Director and Nurse Leader at UPMC Passavant. Shannon will be completing the Relay with Megan Tomaino (another member of the Foundation team). This will be Shannon’s first time running in the Pittsburgh Marathon. Although, she has completed a various number of races such as the Foundations 4K and 8K, the Great Race and Rush to Crush! Her motivation is a great running play list and a nice peaceful setting. She loves to train and run at Graham Park in Cranberry and North Park around the lake. Shannon chose to join the Foundation team to give back for the support the Foundation has been able to give her patients and staff. When Shannon is not running you will find her cooking, baking and reading. She loves being a mom and being involved with her girls and their activities. She is a huge Taylor Swift fan which is something she can share with her daughters. Shannon’s advice to a new runner is to run until you see the finish line, don’t think to yourself how much further, mental blocks are hard to break.

 If you are interested in joining our team, please reach out to Amanda French, Events Coordinator at posaaa@upmc.edu or call 412-748-6641 for more details.