Passavant Hospital Foundation's
Mission ~ Vision ~ History

Our Mission

Passavant Hospital Foundation supports UPMC Passavant in McCandless and Cranberry, advancing health and wellness through education, outreach, and grant making.

Our Vision

Passavant Hospital Foundation will be a visible extension of the Passavant legacy of caring, making the region a leader in healthcare awareness, accessibility, and quality.

Our History

Passavant Hospital Foundation was incorporated as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit foundation in 1981. Funds contributed by the community are used exclusively to develop new hospital services at UPMC Passavant in McCandless and Cranberry and to provide health, education, and outreach programming in the community.

Passavant’s rich history began when opening its doors in the hills of Pittsburgh in 1849. Relocating to the North Hills in 1964, Passavant fulfilled the community’s need for a local hospital and continues to provide quality health care. Passavant Hospital Foundation has served the hospital for over 40 years and continues to support UPMC Passavant’s excellence in health care and advance the health of all in our community through:

  • Funding direct support for our most vulnerable patients and those of limited financial means.
  • Providing facilities, technology, and equipment at our hospital to support excellence in patient care.
  • Sponsoring free workshops and seminars for all in the community, to promote personal well-being.
  • Offering support groups for families affected by a loved one’s addiction.
  • Forming community partnerships for greater impact on health concerns that affect us all.