2024 Community Initiatives Proposal Requirements

1. Background

Passavant Hospital Foundation is reaching out to nonprofit providers in the UPMC Passavant service footprint, soliciting proposals for the funding of community projects which complement the services of our hospital and contribute to the health of our community.

2. Proposal Guidelines

The letter of request must contain the following information within the application: 

  • Completed application including cover page.
  • Project name and how the project relates to the services of our hospital and improves the health of our community.
  • How the project addresses issues identified in the UPMC Passavant’s Community Health Needs
  • How the project complements the mission and goals of Passavant Hospital Foundation
  • Project’s measurable goal(s) and method(s) of evaluation.
  • Description of plans to acknowledge Passavant Hospital Foundation’s funding.
  • Ongoing financial sustainability reports of the project past our assistance.
  • If you received a grant in the previous year, include impact results and any other details you would like.

3. Grant Specifications 

Proposals requesting up to $5,000 will be considered. Proposals will be evaluated by the Foundation’s Mission Support Committee. Project must begin by March 31, 2025.  Completed application and reports will be required; report date(s) will be determined for each funded project based on its start date, goal(s) and method(s) of evaluation.  Grant approval will be determined for each funded project based on the application data provided.

4. Submission

Proposals must be received by 4:00 PM on Wednesday, August 21, 2024, to be considered 

Submit proposal to:

Passavant Hospital Foundation
9100 Babcock Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA  15237

Savannahar@upmc.edu or kaibn@upmc.edu 

Electronic submission preferred.
Proof of IRS non-profit status must accompany submission.

5. Questions

Questions about the suitability of a project can be addressed to Anthony R. Savannah, President of Passavant Hospital Foundation at Savannahar@upmc.edu  

Click Here to Download the 2024 Community Initiative Grant Application