Passavant Hospital Foundation
Outreach Overview

Passavant Hospital Foundation advances the health and wellness of our community through educational seminars and special community initiatives. 

Passavant Hospital Foundation’s outreach improves our community’s health through presentations by knowledgeable health professionals. In 2022 the Foundation provided 63 seminars reaching more than 3,200 people. Sessions were led by UPMC Passavant physicians, clinicians, therapists and others who are experts in their fields. Our general outreach programs are FREE and open to ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS.

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Community Partnerships

Passavant Hospital Foundation sponsors and host several Continuing Education Credit Conferences and Community Events throughout the year.

The Bridge to Hope

  • UPMC Hillman Cancer Center at UPMC Passavant "Colon Cancer Screenings" 
  • Little Medical School  
  • Bridge to Hope
  • Shred-A-Thon
  • Domestic Violence Seminar

2022 Little Medical School

In May, 30 gifted middle school students at North Allegheny School District got an opportunity to try their hand at being a doctor. During two three-hour workshops presented through Little Medical School - a non-profit organization that provides hands-on interactive programs for youths with a focus on health care students practiced taking vital signs, applying tourniquets, and performing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. They built models to better understand the components of skin, blood, and the digestive tract. They even simulated hernia surgery by constructing a “hernia” out of balloons, foam sheets, and cheese cloth, then performed a “hernia repair” before suturing the “incision” using authentic needle drivers and pickups. “Students approached these lessons with curiosity and maturity, and they loved the hands-on learning,” said Colleen Morris, a teacher in the school’s gifted support program. The event was led by Kirsten Lin, MD, and sponsored by Passavant Hospital Foundation, which has helped fund the workshops for the past two years.