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Passavant’s rich history began when opening its doors in the hills of Pittsburgh in 1849. Relocating to the North Hills in 1964, Passavant fulfilled the community’s need for a local hospital and continues to provide quality health care. Passavant Hospital Foundation has served the hospital for over 40 years and continues to support UPMC Passavant’s excellence in health care and advance the health of all in our community through:

  • Funding direct support for our most vulnerable patients and those of limited financial means
  • Providing facilities, technology and equipment at our hospital to support excellence in patient care
  • Sponsoring free workshops and seminars for all in the community, to promote personal well-being
  • Offering support groups for families affected by a loved one’s addiction
  • Forming community partnerships for greater impact on health concerns that affect us all

Passavant Hospital Foundation supports UPMC Passavant Hospital and the UPMC Passavant Community by the Foundation’s generous donors who help support the following:

Patient Assistance Fund

The Patient Assistance Fund helps those with expenses associated with medications, equipment, groceries and other resources. Since 2014 by Passavant Hospital Foundation, has provided totaling more than $40,100 to help 188 financially challenged patients. One of the first beneficiaries of the Patient Assistance Fund was a 62-year-old patient who had been hospitalized four times in one year due to cardiac issues. While his condition could easily have been controlled through medication management, he could not afford the medicine because he did not have health insurance coverage through his employer. As a result, he was repeatedly hospitalized with the same cardiac issues. The Patient Assistance Fund was able to break this cycle and cover costs for the medications he needed to stay well.

Jennifer Hall, MSN, RN, CCM, ACM-RN, Director of Care Management stated “The patient needs of this community are real and often underestimated. With the help of Passavant Hospital Foundation’s Patient Assistance Fund, we’re able to assist our patients with what they need to ease the transition from hospital to home in a very positive way.”

Read below how Passavant Hospital Foundation provided a grant to UPMC Passavant Rehabilitation Services for the Purchase of a Bioness Interactive Therapy System.

Cancer Care Fund

Launched in 2014, Passavant Hospital Foundation’s Cancer Care Fund helps financially struggling oncology patients pay for basic needs, such as shelter, food, or transportation. To date, more than $77,600 has been distributed to 214 oncology patients through this fund.

Elizabeth Shumaker, MSN, RN, Senior Director of Clinical Operations of UPMC Wound Heal­ing Services at UPMC Passavant commented, “When a patient has to decide whether to pay for medication or pay their electric bill because they can’t afford to pay for both, it’s nice to know we can help. Patients are so grateful for the Cancer Care Fund.”

Read below how Passavant Hospital Foundation helped an oncology patient celebrate her wedding shower after being postponed.

Nursing Development Fund

Since 2014, the Foundation’s Nursing Education/Development Fund has provided nearly $62,000 to help 270 UPMC Passavant nurses offset the costs of earning certification in their medical specialty areas as well as covering expenses for attending important conferences.

“Studies show that hospitals with a high percentage of certified nurses have a higher overall quality of care and patient satisfaction – and that has certainly been the case at UPMC Passavant,” said Margaret Hayden, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Director of Cultural Excellence.

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