Foundation Fun Fact Friday

27 August 2021
Foundation Fun Fact Friday

This week for our Foundation Fun Fact Friday we want to highlight our Nursing Education and Development Fund.

Passavant Hospital Foundation introduced the Nursing Education and Development Fund in 2014. The purpose of this fund is there to support our UPMC Passavant Nurses by offsetting the costs of earning certification in their medical specialty areas as well as covering expenses for attending important conferences.

Zach Perpetua has been a clinical education specialist at UPMC Passavant for nearly three years. He’s worked in both community and city hospital settings in Pittsburgh prior to coming to Passavant. “I was drawn to Passavant because this hospital takes the best of being a community hospital and combines with elements of certain services that typically only city hospitals offer. The leadership support and education team here at Passavant are far beyond anything I’ve experienced in other hospitals.”

While working throughout the UPMC system, Zach has worked as a Med/Surg and Progressive Care nurse. In November 2018, he joined the Education Department at UPMC Passavant where he is the unit-based Educator for 5 Pav, 5 South and Rehab Nursing Units.

The Nursing Education Fund has allowed many nurses to become certified on the units that Zach supports. With numerous certification entities, various programs such as “retest for success” that allows nurses multiple attempts to test and to alleviate test-taking anxiety.

Using the nursing Education Fund, the 5 Pavilion orthopaedic unit was able to increase their number of orthopaedic certified nurses through a package including a certification review course and funds for both testing and a one-year membership to the National Association of Orthopaedic nurses.

Zach has also participated for the past several years in the Passavant Hospital Foundation Annual Run/Walk and the Pittsburgh Marathon both to benefit the nursing scholarship fund.

To learn more about Passavant Hospital Foundation’s Nursing Education and Development Fund, please visit: