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Emergency Preparedness Program

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The Community Injury Prevention and Emergency Preparedness Program was developed by a professional group of healthcare workers to lessen the impact of health-related events or injuries. With expertise from years of medical training, certifications in Injury Prevention, Basic Life Support and Stop the Bleed, we provide the knowledge and skills necessary to keep children and adults safer and more prepared when biking, or to let a bystander, family member or friend take action in the event of an emergency. These programs offer the skills and knowledge to allow those precious moments before help arrives to be productive and potentially lifesaving. Minutes Matter!


Our mission is to lessen the impact of health or injury related emergencies by providing free education to the community including instructional classes and hands-on exposure and practice with available aids such as AED trainers, Stop the Bleed kits, CPR manikins and Trainer Epinephrine (Epi-Pens). With education, easy to remember instructions, and hands on opportunities, bystanders are more likely to step in and make those Minutes Matter before EMS arrives.


  • Bicycle & Helmet Safety Program
  • Stop the Bleed Program
  • Minutes Matter Program

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The Community Injury Prevention Program is an outreach program of Passavant Hospital Foundation, who has provided the financial backing necessary for purchase of Stop the Bleed Instructor Kits, CPR Mannikins, AED trainers, and invaluable contacts making this program a reality.

Collaboration with UPMC Minutes Matter has also been a boost, providing another steppingstone for the program.

Passavant Hospital Foundation’s outreach improves our community’s health and wellness through presentations by knowledgeable health professionals.
Our programs are FREE and open to ALL MEMBERS of the COMMUNITY


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