About Bridge to Hope

About Us

The “Bridge to Hope” group is a support group for those impacted by the addiction of a loved one. The Bridge to Hope Family Support Group’s mission is to educate and support families confronted with substance abuse and addiction, so they will know they do not walk alone.


As a focused support group, our mission is to provide a refuge for the families of those affected by substance abuse and addiction. We will provide encouragement, support, reinforcement, empathy and education and share the experiences we have endured while navigating through this arduous process. Our members will be shown a pathway to Hope en route to a full recovery of family members and their affected loved ones. We will share our experiences with our communities and educate the public on the epidemic of substance abuse that is occurring locally, regionally and nationally while respecting the privacy of every individual.


Every human life is precious and worth saving. One of the most important elements in a person’s recovery from addiction is an informed family and community whose support is unwavering even in the face of daunting challenges.
Group interaction, shared experiences and education all provide benefits to families who often need recovery for themselves. Hope for the future is a vital step in the recovery process and need not be elusive or unattainable no matter how desperate a situation may appear to be. Privacy and the need for confidentiality in our members’ individual circumstances are respected at all times.


The Bridge to Hope will be an indispensable resource for families and a dynamic, influential force throughout our region and beyond as families and communities confront the difficult task of managing their issues surrounding addiction. Our program, hallmarked by experience, education, dedication, tenacity, value, success and growth, will be recognized as a model for groups in other locales as the need for support becomes more widespread and its benefits more apparent. We will be a beacon of enlightenment in a society which today is largely lost in the darkness of misconceptions, stereotypes and apathy. We will, in fact, create HOPE in what would otherwise be a hopeless epidemic.


The Bridge to Hope is an outreach program of Passavant Hospital Foundation. 

Donations and Memorial Gifts for Bride to Hope can be made payable to Passavant Hospital Foundation and sent to 9100 Babcock Boulevard, Pittsburgh PA 15237. 
Please write "Bridge to Hope" on the memo line and include who the gift is in memorial of it if it is a memorial gift. 

Questions? Email: B2H@upmc.edu   or call 412-748-5120