Passavant Hospital Foundation

Our Mission

Passavant Hospital Foundation supports UPMC Passavant in McCandless and Cranberry, advancing health and wellness through education, outreach, and grant making.

Our Vision

Passavant Hospital Foundation will be a visible extension of the Passavant legacy of caring, making the region a leader in healthcare awareness, accessibility and quality.

Our History

Passavant Hospital Foundation was incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation in 1981. Funds contributed by the community are used exclusively to develop new hospital services and facilities at UPMC Passavant in McCandless and Cranberry and to provide health education and outreach programming in the community.

Passavant Hospital Foundation has been supporting UPMC Passavant and providing free outreach, health, and wellness programs throughout the community since 1981.

Passavant Hospital Foundation may have impacted you or one of your family members if you or a loved one has received treatment at UPMC Passavant in McCandless or Cranberry, or if you have attended one of the Foundation’s free health and wellness programs, medical screenings or support groups offered throughout the northern region.

Passavant Hospital Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to advance the health and wellness of our community by providing grants for facilities, technology, and equipment to support excellence in patient care at UPMC Passavant, as well as a vast array of health education seminars, medical screenings and support groups that are free and open to all. Since its inception in 1981, the Foundation has formed strong community partnerships for a greater impact on health concerns that affect all of us, ultimately helping you, your family, friends, and neighbors lead healthier, happier lives.

Honoring a Legacy of Caring in our Community 

Passavant Hospital Foundation has been a partner to ambulance authorities through­out the community by providing grants for them to acquire state-of-the-art medical equipment, computer and communications upgrades, and devices for safer, easier transport of patients. Most recently, the Foundation awarded a $35,000 grant to support tuition-associated expenses for

paramedic training.

The country is experiencing a paramedic shortage, and, similarly, “our area has a shortage of about 25%,” says Betsy Tedesco, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, CEN, PHRN, clinical director of Emergency Services at UPMC Passavant.  “The shortage of paramedics is a huge problem and I don’t think the public really understands the gravity of it,” adds Megan Ellwood, an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) with Harmony EMS. “I know of one instance in which a paramedic was requested by two Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to assist with a cardiac arrest. He was the closest paramedic in proximity to the scene but he was 55 minutes away.”

Paramedics are trained to deliver more advanced and complex life-saving skills than an EMT or AEMT— such as monitor­ing and interpreting EKGs and other vital equipment, administering medications, providing endotracheal intubations, and establishing intravenous catheters.

Passavant Hospital Foundation is doing its part by awarding a grant which will provide five local EMTs with $7,000 each to offset the costs of paramedic training and certification at the Center for Emergency Medicine. In return, these five EMTs will sign a commitment to provide paramedic services for a minimum of two years in one of the five local ambulance services:
McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance Authority, Richland EMS, Cranberry Town­ship EMS, Quality EMS, or Harmony EMS.

“This grant demonstrates the advanced level of care Passavant Hospital Foundation and UPMC Passavant are committed to providing,” says Dr. Tedesco. Ellwood is one of the grant recipients and began her paramedic training this past August. The 44-week-long program consists of 520 hours of didactic and laboratory classes, 544 hours of clinical education plus additional hours of online coursework and field time on an ambulance and inside a hospital. She plans to maintain her full-time job at Harmony EMS while training. “Receiving this scholarship is one of the greatest blessings I could have ever imagined. I’m so grateful to Passavant Hospital Foundation, my family at Harmony EMS, and everyone who helped make this happen,” she says.
“I can’t begin to express my excitement for the months to come and I am determined to be the best paramedic I can be.”

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2022 Highlight Stories

During the second quarter, Folgers Coffee gave UPMC Passavant a new machine to trial run for free in UPMC Passavant McCandless Cafeteria, which led the cafeteria staff to raise money for the Patient Assistance Fund by charging $2 per cup of coffee. Overall, this initiative raised $1,818.54 to support our patients.

Passavant Hospital Foundation hosted UPMC Passavant Physicians for an evening of wine, shopping and fundraising at Kiya Tomlin where 10% of the sales benefitted Passavant Hospital Foundation's Mission. Overall, $500 was raised that evening to support our patients, their families, UPMC Passavant staff and the communities we serve.

Landau Building Company 16th Annual Customer Appreciation Trap Shoot raised $2,500 to support Passavant Hospital Foundation's Mission. Overall, Landau Building Company Annual Customer Appreciation Shoot has raised over $56,000 to support our patients, their families, UPMC Passavant Staff and the communities we serve.

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