Passavant Hospital Foundation

Our Mission

Passavant Hospital Foundation supports UPMC Passavant in McCandless and Cranberry, advancing health and wellness through education, outreach, and grant making.

Our Vision

Passavant Hospital Foundation will be a visible extension of the Passavant legacy of caring, making the region a leader in healthcare awareness, accessibility and quality.

Our History

Passavant Hospital Foundation was incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation in 1981. Funds contributed by the community are used exclusively to develop new hospital services and facilities at UPMC Passavant in McCandless and Cranberry and to provide health education and outreach programming in the community.

Passavant Hospital Foundation has been supporting UPMC Passavant and providing free outreach, health, and wellness programs throughout the community since 1981.

Passavant Hospital Foundation may have impacted you or one of your family members if you or a loved one has received treatment at UPMC Passavant in McCandless or Cranberry, or if you have attended one of the Foundation’s free health and wellness programs, medical screenings or support groups offered throughout the northern region.

Passavant Hospital Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to advance the health and wellness of our community by providing grants for facilities, technology, and equipment to support excellence in patient care at UPMC Passavant, as well as a vast array of health education seminars, medical screenings and support groups that are free and open to all. Since its inception in 1981, the Foundation has formed strong community partnerships for a greater impact on health concerns that affect all of us, ultimately helping you, your family, friends, and neighbors lead healthier, happier lives.

Passavant Hospital Foundation Assists CRNAs with Tuition Costs 

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) play an integral role in health care, providing anesthetics to patients in every practice setting and for every type of surgery or procedure. Their training includes doctorate-level programs that can cost more than $100,000. To help attract the most qualified and skilled CRNAs to the UPMC Passavant team, Passavant Hospital Foundation has provided a CRNA Tuition Award of $120,000 — or $30,000 each — to four recent CRNA graduates and new hires at UPMC Passavant. The money is given as a partial tuition loan forgiveness. In return, award recipients have committed to serve at UPMC Passavant for at least the next three years. “We’re advancing health and wellness throughout our community, so it’s important that we have the best CRNAs available, and we’re happy to provide this assistance to get the best recruits,” said Anthony R. Savannah, president of Passavant Hospital Foundation.

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